Chemical Supplies

Keep your swimming pools hot tub or sauna clean throughout the year with our wide variety of chemical supplies

Keeping your pride and joy clean and maintained is essential if you want to continue enjoying it. 

Essential components easily available

A Bigger Splash stocks everything you'll need to ensure the smooth running of your spa, sauna or swimming pool. From cleaning solutions to tools, we can help you keep your home spa fully operational and enjoyable. 
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Pool lighting

We stock: 

  • Pool lighting
  • Pool covers
  • Heating and heat recovery units
  • Liners
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Accessories
  • And much more
new pool construction

Pool supplies made easy

A Bigger Splash is dedicated to your spa experience. If you need any advice on regular maintenance, or have an issue you wanted to discuss, our experienced team is happy to help.

For more information on cleaning supplies and maintenance, speak to our team, or visit our showroom in Brompton on Swale today.
Based in Brompton on Swale, near Catterick, we serve Darlington, Durham, Yarm, Stockton, Middlesbrough and other areas throughout the North East of England. 
For a wide range of cleaning supplies call A Bigger Splash on:
01748 812 039

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